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Brand Environmental

  • Analysis of Aerial Photographs for Lineaments and Fracture Traces for Targeting Large Volume
    Water Supply Wells

  • Completion of 8 Hour Step-Drawdown Pumping Tests, 48 Hour Constant Rate Pumping Tests,
    and Recovery Tests

  • Evaluation of Drawdown and Recovery Data to Determine the Optimum Well Yield, Aquifer
    Characteristics, and Long-Term Impact of Groundwater Withdrawal

  • High Production Water Supply Well and Monitoring Well Design and Construction Specifications

  • Hydrogeologic Studies for the Permitting of Community, Non-Community, and Industrial Water
    Supply Wells

  • Completion of Slug Tests and Evaluation of Data to Determine Hydraulic Conductivity of an Aquifer
    for Groundwater Mounding Analysis for Community Sewage  Disposal Systems

  • Completion of Hydrogeologic Investigations for Permitting of Community or Large Volume Sewage
    Disposal Systems including Groundwater Mounding and Nitrate Plume Analysis